Is Your Dog Ready for The Ivy League?

The first step to getting that Ivy League diploma is enrollment! Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds are welcome to participate in our studies. The only requirements are that they are vaccinated and in good health (free from any contagious illness or internal parasites) with no history of aggression. Specifically, your dog must have proof of:

  • Rabies vaccine within the past 3 years 
  • Distemper vaccine (DHPP, DAPP, or DA2PP) within the past 3 years
    • Unfortunately, we cannot accept titres, so your dog must be up to date on their boosters
  • Leptospirosis vaccine within the past 12 months
  • A negative fecal sample for giardia within the past 12 months
    • Please note that we must receive documentation that the fecal sample came back negative (and not just proof that it was collected)

Puppies must be over 16 weeks of age and must have already received at least their third set of vaccinations and must have a clean stool sample. They also must receive a distemper booster 1-year after their final dose in the series as well as a rabies booster 1-year after their initial dose.

Before your dog can participate in studies, you must sign up for an account here. Please fill out: First Name, Last Name, a User ID of your choice, Email Address, Telephone (If affiliated with Yale, please write your NetID in the space for Student ID). Check your email for an email from us that has your login information. Once you login for the first time, you will be asked to complete a form telling us more about your dog. After you’ve completed this form, we will contact you about participating in studies. You will use this account to sign up for study sessions at times that are most convenient for you. Don’t forget to change the password to something you will remember! If you have password trouble, feel free to contact us at If you don’t hear from us after a while, feel free to keep checking the signup site or contact us.

Please bookmark this site in order to sign up for our studies:

If you have more than one dog, please send us an email at and we’ll create another account for you so that you can fill out a form for your other dog. Each of your dogs will have their own account so they can have individual academic careers!

[COVID-19 UPDATE] If you are a current Yale student, faculty, or staff member, please be sure to email your NetID to following your sign-up.

First Visit

During your first visit to the Canine Cognition Center, we will spend some time getting to know your dog and helping him/her feel comfortable in our center. It will also give us an idea of your dog’s interests, preferences, and special skills! We will have a consent form for you to sign before your dog can participate in our studies.

Please remember to bring the following with you:

  1. Veterinarian forms documenting current vaccinations (rabies, DHLPP, leptospirosis)
  2. Veterinarian forms documenting a negative stool sample (including Giardia) within the past year
  3. Favorite dog treats
Study Sessions

After you and your dog participate in the First visit, we will contact you about any studies your dog is eligible to participate in based on their preferences and interests. In each session, your dog may complete anywhere from 2-4 different studies. In order to sign up for a study, you will simply need to sign into the system and pick a time that works for you. All of the specific studies vary, but a typical session takes around 20-45 minutes, and no set of studies takes more than an hour. You will be with your dog the entire time. 

Questions? Contact us at!